Full-Cycle Advertising Optimization Platform

Aintu provides real-time advertising ROI measurement, realized by closing the promotional cycle
with captured in-store transactions


Aintu's platform enables brands to complete end-to-end reporting of ad campaigns tied to individual users, hence offering the highest granularity campaign ROI measurement and optimization


With no infrastructure investment, retailers can engage with existing and future customers both inside and outside the store

Aintu for brands

Precisely measure
campaign ROI

Campaign-related transactions are recorded, even from stores without POS systems

Optimize ad campaigns in
real time

Advertisers can perform multi-variant campaign optimization using media type, publisher and ad unit; as well as geographic, demographic and psychographic data

Grow one-to-one customer

Brands benefit by combining customer profile and purchase history to optimize personalized offers that deepen one-to-one customer relationships and reward loyalty

Aintu for retailers

Attract new and reward existing customers

Individual stores, even those without POS systems, can create their own promotions and loyalty programs

is free

Stores make no infrastructure investment and pay no recurring fees

Get started in only
5 minutes

Stores can quickly implement Aintu's platform since integration with POS systems is optional

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